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"Reclaiming political voice and power via bottom-up Assemblies of the Commons and Chamber of the Commons putting forward social charters, in conjunction with “top-down” progressive coalitions through existing political parties. These coalitions around the commons, or ‘the politics and policies of the commons’, will further our efforts to implement Commons Transition Plans."

The P2P Society and Politics stream reflects the original focus of the Commons Transition Platform: a set of adaptable policies and ideas for change stewarded by civil society and contributory systems. When we speak about "politics" or "policies" we are not exclusively referring to political representation, but to the actionable rights of everyone affected by political decisions. Our strategy is aimed at cultivating relationships with sympathetic individuals working within the established political spectrum and with activists and civil-society actors who can prefigure optimal scenarios and influence the outlook of politicians.

Policy & Action Items

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The Policy and Actions Items category encompasses recommendations which can be enacted by prefigurative communities in collaboration with local, national or transnational institutions or by self-organised collectives. We encourage the re-adaptation and forking of the policies offered towards specific geographical contexts, which can be then uploaded to this wiki. Notable subcategories in this area include our ongoing Commons Transition Plans, which were first conceived within the context of the Ecuadorian FLOK Society Project as well as our recent work with the Catalan Integral Cooperative. These proposals and action items are also searchable by sector and location

Research for the Commons

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The Research for the Commons category compiles open-access scientific papers exploring new models of production, value creation and human interactions. Research papers authored by the P2P Foundation's and Commons Transition dedicated research hub, the P2P Lab are also presented under their own category: P2P Lab.

Law for the Commons

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The Law for the Commons category contains resources on the history of commons-based law and emerging legal innovations that seek to empower commoners and protect commons. Besides providing a rough inventory of dozens of projects and theaters of legal engagement, this portal seeks to treat these very disparate bodies of law and legal activism as a single field of inquiry, Law for the Commons.

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