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  • ...i Commons Transition Wiki Loomio Group]''' to meet other wiki contributors and discuss the evolution of the project. ...als and ideas for action depicted here with your local policymakers, media and communities.
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  • ...visit our [European Commons Assembly: The Policy Papers] section for other policy papers produced by the Assembly.</ref> ...of grassroots, cooperative forms of production, finance, commercialization and usage of the commons.
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  • ...visit our [European Commons Assembly: The Policy Papers] section for other policy papers produced by the Assembly.</ref> ...ectricity production, transportation and efficient use as well as mobility and heating systems.
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  • A policy proposal by David Gabriel <ref>(Grenoble, France) contact: [email protected] ...visit our [European Commons Assembly: The Policy Papers] section for other policy papers produced by the Assembly.</ref>
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  • ...hrough the sections below to get acquainted with the structure of the wiki and our working methods. ...he Structure of the Commons Transition Wiki. Click on the image to enlarge and read the article below for more details]]
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  • ...visit our [European Commons Assembly: The Policy Papers] section for other policy papers produced by the Assembly.</ref> =The relevance of this commons to the EU-Agenda and the main problems the policy proposal is addressing=
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  • ...ed by [ Daniel Pinchbeck]. It is a thorough and inspiring overview for transitioning to a more sensible cognitive framework ...e near future, and to work together to explore and communicate these ideas and experiences worldwide.
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  • ...tion of the productive matrix of the country to achieve the desired social and economic goals. ..., aligned with the philosophy and goals stated in the Plans of Good Living and in the Ecuadorian Constitution.
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  • by Jenny Torres <ref name="ftn7">Copyright © Copyleft 2014 Jenny Torres: GFDL and Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 ...ree Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts. A copy of the license can be found at http://www.gnu.o
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  • ...') as a potentially useful concept in both explaining a new economic model and in formulating sustainable development pathways. It is a thought stimulatio ...dentifies 2) the obstacles and weights of history impeding cosmo-localism, and finally ends with an exploration of 3) the emerging images of the future th
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  • ...nt by Michel Bauwens and Vasilis Niaros.<ref>Michel Bauwens is the founder and director of the P2P Foundation. Vasilis (Billy) Niaros is the research coor ...t of the evolving economy since it is based on both technological capacity and social demand.
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  • ...tives]. It is now republished here with special permission from the author and original publisher. As the Next System project explains: ''' <blockquote> ...r to facilitate an informed and comprehensive discussion of “new systems,” and as part of this effort we have also created a comparative framework which p
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  • A policy proposal by Jose Luis Vivero Pol <ref>Universite catholique of Louvain, Bel ...visit our [European Commons Assembly: The Policy Papers] section for other policy papers produced by the Assembly.</ref>
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  • <div align="left">Sustainability and sovereignty over</div> ...n - if we keep it secret - then we are betraying the mission of our field. And this, I decided, I shouldn’t do." '''''- Richard Stallman'''
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  • ...e to the role of access to knowledge and draw a distinction between social and capitalist conceptions of the knowledge economy. ...eveloping world countries by rich countries and multinational corporations and in the immiserisation of small farmers around the world.
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  • ...litics and culture. Pat Conaty is a Fellow of the New Economics Foundation and a Research Associate of Co-operatives UK. This report is licensed under a C ...l alternative; ongoing work by the Social and Solidarity Economy movement; and movements ranging from Transition Towns to “shareable cities” to local
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  • ...ising Production With Not-For-Profit Business Models Helps Build Resilient and Prosperous Societies</font> ...of this report to the Commons Transition Wiki soon, so it can be consulted and commented on.'''
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  • ...out of the formal economy, they find material relief, ideological support and a sense of belonging in networks of alternative economic practices. family who gives me all the support I need to venture out in the world and a reason to always come back.
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  • ...onomy for a New Earth will dwarf and render the industrialized war complex and extractive manufacturing industries obsolete. In order to transform, it is, happiness, sufficiency, collaboration, sharing, harmony, gratitude and peace.
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  • ...d social harmony, with an immediate goal of rapidly reducing CO2 emissions and quickly transitioning to a carbon-negative civilization. ...Recognizing this, we must be willing to make radical changes in our habits and social practices. For instance, it may be the case that all unnecessary ind
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  • ...ting it, accelerating warming. Other factors, such as loss of biodiversity and ocean acidification, are equally threatening to our future. Another immedia ..., and launch global initiatives to establish a world that is socially just and ecologically viable. How we react to this situation we have unleashed on Ea
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