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  • #[[Stream 2 Commons-oriented_Productive_Capacities| Commons-oriented Productive Capacities]] === RELATED PROJECTS ===
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  • ...] found on our wiki. Other ways to get involved include suggesting related projects for consideration, or sharing and discussing these proposals with your loca The Commons Transition Wiki is a directory of commons-oriented initiatives and policy proposals. It acts as an indexed repository of mater
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  • ...of free knowledge and free software, which is growing enormously. Look at projects such as Wikipedia, Linux, and the internet itself", Tebbens states. "Why re [[Category:Glocal Commons-Oriented Projects]]
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  • [[Category:Glocal Commons-Oriented Projects]]
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  • ...esses, mistakes, lessons learned, and best practices. Creating new sharing projects can be daunting but it doesn’t feel like starting from scratch when you h ...nue to share and learn with others, sparking collaboration between sharing projects and otherwise kickstarting local sharing movements. With the help of the Ce
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  • ...s found on our wiki. Other ways to get involved include suggesting related projects for consideration, or sharing and discussing the proposals and ideas for ac ...ners and protect commons. Besides providing a rough inventory of dozens of projects and theaters of legal engagement, this portal seeks to treat these very dis
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  • ...This democratic crowdfunding dinner model can help fund new local sharing projects on an ongoing basis with little effort and rally community support for them Transition Online Trainings]'''''' - Videos on projects and the process of making the transition to a more sharing and sustainable
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  • ...ters (or granges), community recreation centers or gyms, community housing projects, playgrounds, libraries, credit unions, public transit stops, schools, food ...r kitchen libraries, shared commercial kitchens, public parks, city repair projects, open space, community centers,housing coops, community land trusts, intent
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  • ...d intermix data according to their needs. A growing number of open mapping projects have been emerging, as well, helping people to identify commons initiatives This paper introduces the idea of commons-oriented knowledge systems, where both resources and work are mutualized by particip
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  • ...annes Euler and Gunter Kramp, showcases an idea for unifying commons-based projects in a self-organised solidarity economy that's easy and convenient to join. ...focusing on the self-organised production and distribution of goods. Such projects practice a form of solidarity that offers practical alternatives to some pa
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  • ...a legal structure to help the formation of eco-networks and other similar projects in Catalonia," explains its communication team. ...t, but rather living from your work, there would be a lot more cooperative projects," points out Palamós."
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  • ...uments the organizational model of one of the most interesting cooperative projects to have emerged in Europe in the age of crisis - the[[Catalan Integral Coop ...erativa Integral Catalana (CIC) is one of the most interesting cooperative projects which have sprung up during the age of crisis in Europe. First of all, it i
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  • [[Category:Glocal Commons-Oriented Projects]]
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  • [[Category:Glocal Commons-Oriented Projects]]
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  • ...own work on [[:category: Open Cooperativism | Open Cooperativism]]. These projects forge resilient livelihood strategies for commoners, a trend which is explo ...coordinated (usually with the aid of the internet) into large, meaningful projects, mostly without traditional hierarchical organization or financial compensa
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