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  • * Additional categories and special cases.''' ==Additional categories and special cases in Semantic Media Wiki==
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  • ...small-scale entrepreneurial ventures. But the Red ESORSE is also making a special effort to adapt its ETHOS-based indicators to fit Cuban state enterprise re ...OUP, trip report at
    8 KB (1,185 words) - 07:54, 11 May 2016
  • ...sition to energy democracy. Power to the people.''' Final results oriented report of the REScoop 20-20-20 Intelligent Energy Europe project. By Dirk Vansintj Find the full report [
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  • ...innovation, and learning. Indeed, according to a recent UNESCO (2009: 11) report: ...ced sector networking of cultural activities and industrial sectors with a special emphasis on new ideas and their creative application to development.
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  • Part of a special issue of the Journal of Peer Production, on the Policies for the Commons The generation of distributed energy puts special emphasis on demand management and its constant interaction with renewable s
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  • ...hieve the larger outcomes we’d set for ourselves for the whole year. We’ll report on collaborative funding outcomes against these goals, and hope to develop back on how their project went – simply telling people they have to report back “just because” won’t go far at Enspiral. Once a project is funde
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  • ...ties-and-proposals systemic alternatives]. It is now republished here with special permission from the author and original publisher. As the Next System proje </blockquote> '''As always, we’ve indexed the report. You can read it sequentially or jump to any of the sections below. You can
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  • ...on-Ede-December-2016.pdf in PDF format].  We will upload a version of this report to the Commons Transition Wiki soon, so it can be consulted and commented o In its 2009 report, the new economics foundation cited the following research into ‘boomeran
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  • '''In this Commons Transition [[:Special Reports | Special Report]]''', '''[[George Dafermos]]''' '''documents the organizational model of on ...the section below. You can also find a more image-oriented version of this report in [
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  • Special Report], <span style="color: #808080;">showcases the [ P ...08080;">'''You can <span style="color: #808080;"></span> read the original report [ here] (includes li
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  • sees the necessity and desirability of a post-growth economy, hence the special importance of public education campaigns and the emergence of a new, post-c ...Welcome: Planning Pregnancies Before They Even Happen’ ''The World Health Report'', available at: html [acce
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  • ...n of Members and Directives, of the Organizations under the Civil Code and Special </ref> to establish and dissolve CSOs. Thus, CSOs are subject to Executive co-operatives (credit unions) and housing co-ops because of the special nature of these services.
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  • ...ates and Latin America. Juan’s ideas overlap Stream 1 and Stream 2, with a special focus on open source models for biotechnology and new methods for agricultu *UNESCO (2010). Education for all global monitoring report: Reaching the marginalized. UNESCO.
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  • * '''Report: Community Land Ownership Outperforms Private - new economic indicators dat ...21st April) published economic indicators data of community ownership. The report demonstrates remarkable results showing that community ownership can out-pe
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  • ...0;">, </span><span style="color: #808080;">as a Commons Transition Special Report. </span></span>It’s serious reading, and essential reading for anyone pas [[Category:Special Reports]]
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  • ...ions by [ Clismón], as a Commons Transition Special Report. It’s serious reading, and essential reading for anyone passionate about [[Type of entry::Special Reports]]
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  • ...ct themselves against uncertainties. When a project is in trouble or needs special short-term support, others can come to its aid. But pooling risks should no [[category: Special Report ]]
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  • The 'Microgrids for rural electrification' report (Schnitzer et al. 2014) published in February 2014 describes the potential ...infrastructures: The long waves and the new social contract'.'' Re-public (Special Issue on P2P Energy).'' In file with the author.
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  • ...en City Model and the Co-operative Land Bank. The Garden City Model merits special attention, as Garden Cities that took land out of the market were a full ex ...olor: #808080;">'''These three short illustrated articles contained in the report provide a crash course in what CLTs and the CLB is, and how practical land
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  • ...ight to organise themselves autonomously on other levels. According to the report of a delegation which visited the region in May this year, the participatio =A travel report=
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