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"Co-creating and catalyzing the alternative eco-system for open and cooperative peer production, to enable reconstruction of economic and social power around the commons. This includes work on our Commons-Based Reciprocity License (or Copyfair License), Open Cooperativism and Phyles, to create ethical entrepreneurial coalitions that co-produce commons."

The Open Coops & Sustainable Livelihoods stream includes two of our main portals and more extensive listings: Operational Commons and Open Coops. This stream deals with peer governance, both in the workplace and within market-operating entities, as well as in informal management systems. It showcases practical examples of commons-producing communities who provision for their own needs and for the commons at large. It also details ideas and practical actions for creating livelihoods around the commons.

Operational Commons

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The Operational Commons stream is a catalog of existing commons. The purpose of cataloguing operational commons is to allow people to easily see and be inspired by the diverse world of commons, to facilitate recognition of emerging patterns of commoning and to encourage commons creation in different sectors, regions and communities.

Open Coops

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The Commons-Cooperative alliance is very important for us. We're very interested in cataloging both existing co-ops who are incorporating commons practises, and co-ops who are closer to the spirit of Open Cooperativism. All of these are contained within the Open Cooperativism‏‎ category and portal. The contents of this portal will also be displayed in a future web-site cataloging ethical market entities and their practices.

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