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Commons Name

Short Description

At a Glance

Organization type: (from transformap: bio work shop, boarding house, co-learning space, collective, community, community supported agriculture, community garden, congress, cooperative, democratic school, ecovillage, event, fablab, farm, garden, hackerspace, housing cooperative, Joiners workshop, Kibbutz, network, newspaper, office, political commune, restaurant, retail collective, school, social centre, spiritual community, storage, think tank, time bank, Umsonstladen/free store)






Date established:

In what sense is this commons a commons?: (maybe put somewhere else?)


Community scale: (city region village etc)

Community participants:

Community exclusions: (category searchable) Is this community part of a larger community?: solidarity economy, transition town, permaculture, de-monitized economy, community based currencies, commons, economy of hte common good, collaborative economy, Global Ecovillage Network)


Needs met: (from Transformap: water, food and drink, clothes, health, safety, supportive relationships, contribute and participate, knowledge and skills, culture, spirituality, education, objects of utility/tools, open space, land, housing, mobility, energy; other - nature connection, infrastructure - bank, currency, energy,internet; crisis intervention, political movement, nature) (where to put things like ecosystems, genomes, outer space, etc?)

Benefit generated:


Does commons/collective governance exist for this commons?: if so, fill out the remaining questions in this section. If not, share information here about other forms of governance in effect (i.e. public property, open-access regime, no governance).

Organizational form: (category searchable) Coop, CSA, TAS, etc.

Legal format or license: (category searchable) legal justifier - CC license, nonprofit/501c3,

Decision making process:

Conflict resolution process:

Sanctions for rule violations:

Membership Obligations:


This needs development, could include enabling conditions, principles, practices.


Description of challenges:

Source of challenges: (category searchable)

What or who is causing the challenge?

Challenge rating: (category searchable with descriptor words)


Include relevant documents, photos, video, maps, etc.

Future Development

Skills Needed