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  1. A Charter for Democracy
  2. A primer on global economic sharing
  3. Alex Pazaitis
  4. Bologna Regulation for the Care and Regeneration of Urban Commons
  5. CIC: Social Currency
  6. CIC Commons Transition New Proposals
  7. Catalan Integral Cooperative
  8. Category Hierarchies in the Commons Transition Wiki
  9. Center for Planetary Culture:Consciousness
  10. Chris Giotitsas
  11. Cities Building Community Wealth
  12. Co-Mantua
  13. Commons Template
  14. Commons Transition Recommended Guidelines and Good Practices
  15. Community Land Trusts, Urban Land Reform and the Commons
  16. Cosmo-localism and the futures of material production
  17. Critical Assessment of European Agenda for the Collaborative Economy
  18. David Bollier
  19. David Hammerstein
  20. Democratic Money and Capital for the Commons: Reflections from the Deep Dive
  21. En Communs
  22. Energy Transition to Energy Democracy
  23. Enlivenment: Towards a fundamental shift in the concepts of nature, culture and politics
  24. Exploring the Catalan Integral Cooperative as an organizational model for the transition to a commons-oriented economy
  25. FLOK: Bibliography for the Social Knowledge Economy
  26. FLOK: Common's Infrastructure for Collective Life
  27. FLOK: Human Capabilities
  28. FLOK: Open Educational Resources
  29. FLOK: Open and Free Culture
  30. FLOK: Policy Paper on Cyber Security
  31. FLOK: Policy Paper on Free Hardware
  32. FLOK: Policy Paper on Free Software
  33. FLOK: Policy paper on Citizens and Communities
  34. FLOK: Policy paper on Territorial Organization of the Knowledge Economy
  35. FLOK: Policy paper on Traditional and Ancestral Knowledge
  36. FLOK: Policy paper on distributed energy
  37. FLOK: Policy paper on distributed manufacturing
  38. FLOK: Policy paper on sustainable agriculture
  39. FLOK: Public Policy for ICT, Open Government and Civil Society
  40. FLOK: Public Policy for Social Economy
  41. FLOK: Public Policy for a Civil Economy
  42. FLOK: Public Policy for a Partner State
  43. FLOK: Social Knowledge and the Social Economy
  44. Fair Use
  45. Free Knowledge Institute
  46. George Dafermos
  47. George Papanikolaou
  48. Good Food - Good Farming and a living countryside
  49. Government 2.0
  50. Introduction to the Partner State

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