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My name is Simon Grant, though as there are many people called Simon Grant on the Web, it's easier to find me through the username "asimong" which I have everywhere — for e-mail, twitter, etc. etc., and even as a user/contributor on the P2P Foundation wiki

You can find out about me through

Commons Transition Survey

Q: How did you hear about Commons Transition and, specifically, this wiki?

A: Lots of places, tweets from Michel, etc. etc.

Q: How would you like to contribute to the Commons Transition Wiki?

A: not sure yet, but I am sure there will be many ways, even if only (to begin with) minor modifications, links, etc. etc. Eventually, as it seems right, editing and improving information, adding things from my own knowledge, and bringing in other people.

One thing I am particularly keen on is technology supporting values development, and helping people to find others with similar values.

Added: I really like the idea of a relatively disciplined semantic wiki. I would at least like to follow and understand, and I would hope, to participate, in the structuring itself, the ontology, the semantics, etc. Asimong (talk) 21:27, 14 January 2017 (UTC)

Q: How do you see a Commons Transition taking place?

A: This is really impossible to say, outside of a conversation! But certainly one aspect is extracting ourselves from the exploitative elite-owned system, and creating tools and mechanisms to facilitate co-operation, peer-to-peer sharing, etc.

Naturally, I see Commons Transition taking place alongside the growing adoption, profession and espousal of commons values.

For me, the question is also bound up with my current living in a co-housing project (Lancaster Cohousing). Governance here is an ongoing challenge, in several ways, and I believe more so than in volunteer groups.

Q: What attracts you the most about this project?

A: Where do I start :) I really like Michel's approach, have talked with him and already a member of the P2P Foundation wiki where I am also Asimong. This here looks like a useful guide, while the P2P Foundation site as a whole is so diverse that it is harder to see one's way round.

Q: Anything else you would like to add.

I have a couple of BIG ideas for tools and techniques that could transform things, and I would like to use the network for sharing these with other people who share values. The ideas relate closely to developing and matching personal values themselves.