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"We want to live in a society where enterprises and assets are owned and controlled by the communities that depend on them for livelihoods, sustenance, and ecological well-being.

In cooperatives, people are the power. One member, one vote. Believe that!

SELC’s Cooperatives Program works to vastly expand the legal resources available to cooperative enterprises of all types. We provide education, advocacy, research, and advice for cooperatives, including legal documents and guidance for best practices."

Projects and Resources

Legal Resource Library is SELC’s legal resource library for cooperatives. In partnership with the Green Collar Communities Clinic (GC3), we continually add information to this collection of resources and sample legal documents for housing, producer, consumer, and worker co-ops.

Worker Cooperative Academy

The Sustainable Economies Law Center is partnering with Project Equity, GC3, the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives, the Sustainable Business Alliance, and Laney College to create the Bay Area's first ever worker cooperative academy. You can find more information on what the Coop Academy is, how to apply, and more by clicking here.

Workshops & Teach-ins

SELC hosts teach-ins at the Resilient Communities Legal Cafe and half-day workshops focused on educating the public on cooperatives and advising existing coops on their development and operations.

One example of our workshops focused on worker cooperatives is called Think Outside the Boss in English and El Proceso Legal Para Iniciar Tu Negocio Cooperativa en Español. Done in partnership with the GC3, these workshops have been held in Richmond, East Oakland, West Oakland, and in Downtown Oakland, California. We hope to offer more opportunities for this type of education at least twice a year in English and once a year in Spanish.

More Resources


SELC develops and spearheads targeted legislative and local campaigns that support the creation of cooperative economies.

CA Worker Cooperative Act

The Sustainable Economies Law Center is proud to be a member of the California Worker Cooperative Policy Coalition and excited about paving new paths to increase democratic, worker-ownership in California. We were successful in finding a legislative author for the 2014 legislative cycle and we're moving forward to amend the bill to include provisions that would legally define a worker cooperative for California.

AB 2525 is an Act that would create a new business entity in California tailored to the needs of worker-owned, democratic businesses. Assembly member Rob Bonta (D-Alameda) introduced the bill stating, "Worker owned businesses are a central piece to a full economic recovery. AB 2525 will benefit working Californians by not only providing jobs but a means to build long-term wealth and assets for individuals who have traditionally been denied these opportunities.” Read about the full press release here. [[Category: Labor]