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Transition Now (Omstilling Nu in Danish) is a network and a project platform that works to create a sustainable transition of our societies. Their main webpage can be found here.


Transition Now is a network and a project platform working to create a transition to a sustainable future society. This requires action, innovation and not least a common effort from both political and citizens’ side. Therefore we call for a broad dialogue about new sustainable solutions – to involve as many as possible in the creation of a transition now.

From systems crisis to a sustainable society

The crises in the last couple of years have once and for all made it clear that there is a need for new ways of thinking, values, political solutions and creative initiatives if we want to live in a world in balance. Challenges like climate change, overexploitation of the earth’s resources, extreme inequality, a damaging economic system as well as human depression and suffering are not solved by short-term focus on increasing material wealth and increased consumption. The dominant political solutions are no longer enough to develop a genuinely sustainable society. Therefore, we have to developed new solutions – together.

There is a fundamental need for a transition in the way we conceive the world. We need to consider the massive challenges that we face in the totality, to recognise their interconnectedness and to challenge the undisputed control that the current conventional economic rationale has on the development of society. The solutions of the future are – both in thought and in action – systemic.

There is a need for a transition in our perspectives on the possible future society. A need to change the perception of the good life simply being equal to material and economic wealth – and in this way give space for other ways of unfolding ambitions, togetherness and dreams. ‘The Transition’ is not a goodbye to the good life, but instead a unique opportunity to dig into the core of what it means to live well and together on this planet.

Who are we?

Transition Now is a network and a project platform that works to create a sustainable transition of our society. This requires action, innovation and not least common efforts from both politicians and people. For this reason we would like to invite for a dialogue concerning the new sustainable solutions, and involve as many people as possible in the creation of a transition now.

Transition Now is:

An interdisciplinary network

  • that works to create a broader understanding of the need for a fundamental transition, where the environmental, social and economic, as well as psychological societal challenges are seen as an integrated part of each other, instead of separate problems with each their fragmented solution. The focus is on long-term consequences of political decision-making, sustainable business models, holistic education and work, as well as the development of social communities and understanding of the well-being of the individual.

A space for developing new ideas

  • that can contribute to creating systems innovation, radical changes and alternative values – in contrast to the current system, where the established economic, political, technological and institutional rationales are limited creativity and our actual capabilities as society and human beings.

A part of the transition to 'The Sustainable Society'

Transition Now is a network

  • for all who want to move the development of society in a sustainable direction. Transition Now work to qualify the debate, create and disseminate new solutions and ideas, that can influence, visualise or directly bring to reality a genuinely sustainable societal development.

A open network

Everyone, regardless of background, political beliefs, education, residence or age, is welcome in our network. Here they can – together with others – create and contribute with ideas and projects for a sustainable society, as well as inspire to new ways of considering the good life.

A project platform

Transition Now is a project platform, where the members of the network can work with different aspects of a fundamental economic, social and environmental transition in respect of and in compliance with our common natural base and the planetary boundaries. The projects can therefore contain ethical, philosophical, artistic, democratic, work and lifestyle-related, systemic and technological aspects of a transition to a sustainable society.